Fusion of the Mind & Soul

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Meet the Cast 

Paloma Greer

Creative Director & TV Host

Paloma is the  creator of Inspira TeVe and the content of this dynamic and ingenious show. This program reflects her creativity and the pure essence of her Indigo soul. She will take you on an extraordinary journey on each episode through art, social consciousness, spirituality and inspiration. All intertwined segments and the flawless flow of this versatile program were carefully crafted by her artistic mind and humanitarian vision.  Paloma's goal is to incite your curiosity to explore different aspects of the human mind, soul and spirit. 

Kao Ra Zen

Artist & TV Host

Kao is a noble  activist and a conscious artist dedicated to raise awareness on social issues through his art and God-given talents. His passion for helping others is reflected in his travels around the world which have allowed him to lift communities in extreme need.  Kao's quest on the show is to explore the intriguing minds of artists, performers and healers around the 'windy city.' His perspective on social injustice that affect our country is presented to you in his segment through visual and performing arts, and the magic of the spoken word.

Jaime De Leon

Comedian & TV Host

Jaime de Leon is more than your average stand up comedian, he is a dedicated conscious community advocate who has also worked for community agencies creating change in Chicago's Latino community. Through his special segment, 'Representa' and his own unique and comedic voice, we'll learn more about what makes the city's Latino community so dynamic, ever-growing, and brimming with cultural and artistic talent. Taking us on expeditions through communities like Little Village, Pilsen and Humboldt Park, Jaime will also examine the social and political contributions of the very proud residents from these areas.


Tamika Lecheé Morales

Actress & TV Host

Tamika is a powerful and fiery 'Nuyorican' full of spice, energy and eventful ideas that bring a fresh perspective to the show. This blue-eyed Puerto Rican beauty will conduct our street interviews segment, and through spontaneous and thought-provoking interviews, she exposes quite interesting mindsets from diverse people that live in Chicago  on issues that affect our mind, heart and body. As a crafty and incredibly gifted actress,  Tamika  will also enlighten and inspire you with monologues that relate to the topic of conversation.