Fusion of the Mind & Soul

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An independent TV show designed to provoke thought, raise social consciousness and inspire others!


Inspira TeVeā„¢ was created to highlight issues that affect our mind, heart and soul. Yes, we get deep. Our mission is to provoke thought, raise awareness on social affairs and inspire others to live to their fullest potential.  Each episode is well-crafted to bring you the essential elements you may need to create a balanced and abundant life; we focus on uplifting and inspiring content that reflect  the art of self-love, self-acceptance, energy and spirituality,  always backed up by psychology and scientific data. On the other hand, we discuss complex issues to promote consciousness on abuse, addiction, bullying and homelessness among other intriguing topics. We explore how these social matters affect the human mind and spirit.  Our documentary style gives the show a unique and exciting spin as our cameras interact with people on the streets of Chicago to invoke thought on the topics of discussion on each episode.  This dynamic and intelligent TV program is delivered in an exquisite and highly-entertaining format through inspiring interviews, heart-felt social experiments,  soulful performances and a dash of comedy!